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Pacemaker setup – demand and non demand modes

There is a significant error in the wording on the Pacemakers page (page 110) regarding the set up of a transcutaneous pacemaker.

This section should read:

  • should be set to non demand mode when there is no organised rhythm
  • set to demand mode if no there is an organised rhythm as this prevents pacing on Q wave that can precipitate ventricular tachyarrhythmias

This error will be corrected in the online version with the next upload of files.

Beta HCG unit correction

The correct measurement units (mIU/mL) have been applied to the various pages where quantitative beta HCG levels have been used.Previously many of the values were quoted in IU/mL, or just IU. Please note that none of the values used in the manual have changed, just the units used have been corrected. Thanks to an astute subscriber for noting these errors.

Hypokalaemia corrections

Please be aware that on page 271 of the print version, and the old Hypokalaemia page (now corrected) (Link) had a few annoying little errors.

ECG changes of hypokalaemia occur when the K+ is < 2.7mmo/L not when it is >2.7mmol/L

The ECG image was of hypokalaemia (as in the title) despite the text beneath stating it was of hyperkalaemia.

U waves are often mistaken as T waves.

Dibucaine number

A low dibucaine number, not a high one, is a measure of increased suxamethonium sensitivity. The Suxamethonium page in the Resuscitation section has been corrected to reflect this

Neonatal naloxone dosing error

The dose of naloxone as described in the Neonatal Resuscitation page ( p146 of text) in the Resuscitation section should be 0.1 microgram/kg not 0.1mg/kg as stated. The 0.1microgram/kg dose can be repeated if required.