Customer feedback

Customer feedback
Love the text, and online version is fantastic for access at work.” – ED trainee, ACT

“Thank you for all the great updates – especially the MCQ quiz and the polls. Great design with the updates being high-lighted on the first page!” – ED Trainee SA

Excellent text. Many thanks for such a wonderful and comprehensive resource.” – ED trainee. Vic

Thanks for making such a great book available, it’s making the whole exam prep a bit less painful!” – ED Trainee NSW

Very challenging MCQs, excellent tool for preparation for part 2 FACEM. Thanks!” – ED trainee NSW.

“I am impressed with the continual development of this resource. It is very good value for money.”
I really like your book, its not only been helpful as a reference text, but also in teaching of juniors. Thanks.” – Emergency Physician, Qld

Saved my bacon a few times.” – Urology trainee – S.A.

The online version is great – easy to navigate and a much superior experience compared to the alternatives” – ED trainee WA

Thanks again for the book – it has been so helpful when doing ED locums” – GP CMO NSW

I really enjoy finding your little comments throughout the book, and your response to my query is further evidence of how unique your text is.” – ED trainee, ACT.

The website is great. Easy to look for quick answers to MCQ’s.” – ED Trainee Qld.

Great book – really helped me pass the exam” – NZ Emergency Physician

Although I don’t really know you, thanks for being with me all the way to passing my exam” – SA Emergency Physician.