Reviewers comments

“…millions of dot pointed facts all neatly organised by the experienced and well regarded authors….more than just clinically focused…..surprising but necessary chapters…..what other interesting sections can they think of!
Emergency Medicine Australasia March 2000

“…overall excellently written manual…extremely good value for money… invaluable guide for ACEM fellowship examination candidates……enough information to aid every group in the target audience”
Emergency Medicine December 2000

“Readers should be satisfied that the wealth of information available here is well referenced and accurate.” “It is an excellent study giude for those taking examinations in emergency medicine.” “A detailed aide memoir for those practicing day to day emergency medicine.”
Emergency Medicine December 1998

“There are many textbooks available that cover the broad field of emergency medicine and The Emergency Medicine Manual more than adequately fits this bill.”
“The manual offers up-to-date and accurate content … key facts are easily accessed and generally supported by a few references that are as recent as can be achieved in any text … . the section on statistics, including analysis of the medical literature, is excellent.”
“The note-form nature of the book has enabled the size and thus price to be kept down when compared with other textbooks of emergency medicine. Thus, this book should be recommended not only to those medical officers embarking on a career in emergency medicine, but also as a valuable reference for district medical officers and nurse practitioners working in rural and more remote communities. Because of the broad scope of emergency medicine, the book also serves as a useful refresher for those medical practitioners wishing to renew their knowledge of areas outside their chosen field.”
Australian Journal of Rural Health Volume 9 Issue 4 Page 201 – August 2001