The online version now includes more than 2000 multiple choice and extended matching questions of ACEM Fellowship standard arranged into more than 100 different quizzes that are done online. Answers are provided to the questions as well as direct links to the relevant pages of the manual. Quizzes are scored so you can see how you performed compared to the average, or over time. Some of the topics covered include life support, intubation, analgesia, transfusion and arrhythmia management.

There is also a 60 question MCQ quiz equivalent to an ACEM Fellowship exam MCQ paper. It has a 90 minute time limit for those subscribers keen to test themselves at this level. One 30 question and two 15 question mini-fellowship exam quizzes are also available.

An extensive array of questions on clinical examination skills are also available.

Newer quizzes have an improved interface that displays well on all types of devices, provides the correct answer and allows you to review each of your answers.