The Emergency Medicine Manual

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A comprehensive Emergency Medicine resource packed with useful information.
Concise and to the point to help practising clinicians find what they need quickly.
Ideal study guide for emergency medicine specialists in training.

Online version
Still routinely doing LP’s for possible SAH?
Can’t tell your REBOA from your Ebola?
Or your EXTEM from your FIBTEM?
Do you think the M1 is a Freeway in Melbourne?
Do you think that VIPITT is a song from the 80’s?
Do you think TAPSE and MAPSE are characters from a children’s story?
Tired of reading about the ‘state of the art’ that may have been true years ago?
Is the ‘cutting edge’ of your current textbook now a bit blunt?
Then you need the Emergency Medicine Manual Online version.

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Key features of the Online version

  • updated information about the latest diseases (e.g. COVID-19) as it comes to hand
  • approximately 2500 A4 sized 2 column pages of content
  • updated daily (on average)
  • more than 1300 images and 50 videos
  • customisable – you can choose the content you want to see
  • fully searchable
  • extensively indexed
  • more than 2000 MCQs/EMQs included
  • contains polls, image galleries, quotes, formulas, journal contents and other interactive features to keep things interesting
  • optimised for viewing on mobile devices of all sizes
  • integrated ACEM learning objectives
  • links to all the ACEM Fellowship curriculum procedures and skills required for the OSCE exam

These features make the online version the most comprehensive and up to date Emergency Medicine resource available, and an ideal resource for Fellowship examination preparation. With rapid search capabilities and extensive index and menu structure, it is also ideal rapid reference for the busy practising clinician.

Recommended by:
Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
New Zealand Medical Council
New South Wales Postgraduate Medical Council

The Emergency Medicine Manual provides the latest information about the practice of emergency medicine, with particular relevance to Australia and New Zealand. It covers all the major areas of acute care medicine as well as providing relevant information about chronic conditions that may influence acute care. Extensively used by ACEM specialists and trainees, the breadth of its content also makes it a valuable resource for general practitioners, international medical graduates, medical students, nurses who practice in critical care areas and paramedics. Information is presented in a ready reference format that enables the reader to find what they are looking for in the minimum amount of time.

Although particularly relevant to practitioners in Australia and New Zealand, the manual is used in many other countries such as the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Canada, the U.S.A., Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

6th print edition – now out of print and no longer available
The 6th print edition went out of print at the end of November 2018, and is no longer available. It is yet to be decided if a new print edition will be  released but the earliest this could occur is mid 2020.